Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are You Located?

The St. Petersburg Renaissance Faire is located at England Brothers Park in Pinellas Park, FL. The address is:

5010 Dave McKay Way
Pinellas Park, FL 33781

What Are Your Dates And Hours?

The St. Petersburg Renaissance Faire is open on weekends from April 19th through May 11th, 2025. Our hours are 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, with Opening Ceremonies beginning at the Front Gate at 9:50 am.

Is The Faire Open Rain Or Shine?

Yes, we are open rain or shine! Though we are an outdoor event, we have plenty of tents to take shelter from inclement weather. In the event of heavy rain or high winds, some performances may be altered for performer and patron safety. In the unlikely event we are forced to close early due to weather, a rain check will be issued to you at the Box Office by the Front Gate. Rain checks will not be issued if we do not close early, regardless of the weather. Check our Facebook page before you leave for the most up-to-date information. Many people prefer to attend on rainy days, as it is often less crowded and the experience is more intimate.

Can I Re-Enter?

You may exit the faire and re-enter at any time, provided you get a hand stamp at the Front Gate before leaving. A ticket stub or receipt is not valid for re-entry.

Can I Bring Outside Food Or Drink?

You are permitted a bottle of water or a small hydro flask. Hydro flasks may be subject to inspection by security. In addition to the many beverages we sell at the faire, there are two public water fountains at the flushable toilets by the Front Gate and Food Court. Food for babies and toddlers is permitted, as well as  any special dietary foods that you may need to bring. Coolers, glass bottles, tailgating, and outside alcohol are not permitted.

Is The Faire Wheelchair Accessible?

Yes! Most of the Faire’s paths are paved and flat. Except for a muddy day, the grassy areas are also easy to traverse. There are no stairs. We do not provide mobility rentals at this time.

Is Parking Free?

Given the urban setting of the St. Petersburg Renaissance Faire, parking is extremely limited on faire grounds. Should you like the convenience of parking directly outside the Front Gate, you must pre-purchase parking for that specific day on our ticketing page. Handicap parking is available for no charge, but please arrive early should you like a space. To park for free, we encourage you to use one of the parking lots within a block or two of the faire. As we get closer to opening day, we will add the specific parking locations here.

Can I Take Public Transportation, a Taxi, or Rideshare?

Yes! The nearest bus stop is Town Square Plaza in Pinellas Park, and it is about a four-minute walk from the Front Gate. It is serviced by lines 52 and 74. You can also Uber, Lyft, or Taxi directly to the Front Gate. Due to limited parking, these are the preferred methods of visiting the St. Petersburg Renaissance Faire.

What Should I Wear?

Though the St. Petersburg Renaissance Faire aims to emulate the quaint charm of a spring festival in Elizabethan England, we encourage you to come as you are. We welcome you to dress in your finest renaissance raiments, should the mood strike you. Many patrons will choose to attend in modern-day attire. We suggest light, breathable layers and comfortable shoes suitable for a day of walking, standing, and enjoying the diverse spring weather that Florida has to offer. Though we are not a fantasy fair or comic con, you are free to dress in whatever costume or character you may feel comfortable as. Fursonas, Stormtroopers, and Witchers are all welcome here! Please bear in mind that this is an inclusive faire for everyone to enjoy, and management reserves the right to reject any wardrobe choices that may be seen as offensive or overly sexual.

Can I Wear My Sword?

Sheathed steel weapons in good repair are permitted. You must submit your steel weapons to security at the Front Gate to be “Peace Tied” so that they cannot be drawn in the lanes. We do not permit any steel weapon to be carried, so leave that two-handed war hammer at home! Costume weapons made of plastic, foam, or wood are subject to inspection but do not need to be peace-tied. Replica firearms must be inspected at the front gate by security. If you purchase a weapon during your visit, that weapon must remain in its packaging until you have left the faire, or you report to security to have it peace-tied. We do not require small eating daggers to be peace-tied, provided they are sheathed. All weapons are subject to final approval of management and can be rejected for any reason. Should you abuse the right to wear a weapon during your visit, the weapon may be removed from you and you may be asked to leave. We do not allow concealed or open carry of real firearms.

Can I Bring An Instrument?

Personal instruments are not permitted. Should you choose to purchase an instrument at the faire, we ask that you refrain from playing that instrument in the lanes and at performances. Should your purchased instrument become a nuisance to those around you, management reserves the right to hold your instrument at the Front Gate until you leave for the day.

Can I Bring My Pet?

At this time, we are unable to accommodate Pets, Emotional Support Animals, and Service Animals in Training. Service animals are welcome provided they comply with all federal ADA stipulations. Service animals must be leashed and under the owner’s control at all times. For more information about service animals and ADA compliance, please follow this link to the ADA website:

What Is “Busking”?

Busking is the centuries-old practice of soliciting donations at the end of a performance. While we do pay our stage performers, you are allowed to show your appreciation for their unique skills at the end of each show by putting a few dollars in their hat or buying their merchandise. These donations are appreciated but never mandatory, and are entirely at your discretion. 

May I Trinket Trade?

None of our vendors or performers accept trinket trades for goods or services.  Please remember that the people you meet here are making their living at Renaissance Faires and trinkets do not assist them in that endeavor.

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